Explore Exciting External Extramural Activities for Your Child's Development!

At Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School, we believe in providing a well-rounded education that extends beyond our campus. We’ve partnered with leading external providers to offer a diverse range of extramural activities that cater to various interests and developmental needs. Explore these exciting opportunities for your child:

Play Ball For Kids: Unleash the Athlete Within!

Play Ball For Kids is a globally recognised program that focuses on developing fundamental sports skills in a fun and engaging way. Let your child discover the joy of physical activity and teamwork with expert coaches. Visit Play Ball For Kids to learn more about this dynamic sports program.

Toddler Ballet: A Graceful Introduction to Dance

Join the Liezel Marais Dance Academy for Toddler Ballet, where your little one can explore the world of dance in a nurturing environment. Qualified instructors guide children in developing coordination, balance, and self-expression through creative movement. Visit Liezel Marais Dance Academy to enroll in this enchanting ballet program.

Toddler Football: Kickstarting a Love for Soccer

Little Kickers offers a Toddler Football program designed to introduce young children to the joy of soccer. Skilled coaches focus on fundamental soccer skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Give your child a kickstart in the world’s most popular sport at Little Kickers.

Swimming Lessons: Dive into Water Confidence

Daleen Swimming School provides expert swimming lessons aimed at building water confidence and essential swimming skills. Certified instructors create a safe and enjoyable environment for children to explore aquatic adventures. Dive into the world of swimming by visiting Daleen Swimming School.

Why Choose External Extramural Activities?

Expert Instruction: Partnering with renowned organisations ensures that your child receives expert instruction in each activity.

Holistic Development: These activities contribute to your child’s holistic development, fostering physical fitness, creativity, and social skills.

Convenient Locations: With various locations and schedules, these external activities provide flexibility to accommodate your family’s needs.

Proven Track Record: Our partners have a proven track record of delivering quality programs that align with our commitment to excellence in education.

Explore the possibilities beyond the classroom with our carefully selected external extramural activities. Enrich your child’s learning journey with sports, dance, and aquatic adventures!